2016 EAST Beyond the Bell Grant

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The EAST Initiative, in collaboration with the Arkansas Department of Education, is pleased to be able to offer a grant opportunity for all EAST programs. Any EAST Program in good standing is eligible to apply for an EAST Beyond the Bell Grant. Funding is available up to $10,000 for projects to be completed during non-school hours in the Summer a

Proposals that are quantifiable and replicable across a broad range of EAST environments are highly desirable. Creative, innovative ideas which leverage the skills and capabilities that students have demonstrated while helping participants continue to grow intellectually are encouraged. Priority will be granted to proposals that include any/all of the following options:

  1. A specific community service project during the summer and/or outside of regular school hours. This needs to be a very specific proposal that will include solid community partnerships and significant goals that follow the EAST model of collaboration, teamwork, student growth, outreach, and technical integration.
  2. Programs that offer a significant amount of student contract work time, along with an acknowledgement by a school administrator to compensate said students accordingly.



  1. Allocate a facilitator for the duration of the project only during non-contract time, after school and during the summer, which is paid from this grant at a maximum rate of - $15.00/hr. Paid facilitator hours allocated cannot exceed paid student allocated hours. No more than 20% of grant funding can be allocated for salaries (facilitator & student combined).
  2. Allocate for eligible students to be compensated at a rate equivalent to a beginning technologist—$8.00/hr. or equivalent non monetary compensation for summer and after school hours participation. Paid facilitator hours allocated cannot exceed paid student allocated hours. No more than 20% of grant funding can be allocated for salaries (facilitator & student combined).
  3. Allocate access and use of the classroom or other physical school space needed to complete the project during non-school hours.
  4. Be available for the potential of showcase opportunities throughout the year in front of various audiences at various locations (i.e., EAST Conference, Summer Seminar, Phase Trainings, etc.).



  1. It is understood that project work associated with this grant will begin during Summer or Fall of 2016. Completion during the Fall of 2016 will be allowed as long as all hours are completed during non-school hours.
  2. It is understood that all equipment purchased becomes the property of the local EAST Program at the conclusion of the project.
  3. It is understood that the academic integrity of all hardware purchased and software licensing with funds obtained through this grant must be maintained.
  4. It is understood by accepting this grant your program will continue EAST and remain in compliance for two years (through SY 2017-2018) or return the funds. If your program has not updated assurances within the past four years (since 2012) your program will be required to file updated assurances. Contact Jerry Prince at jerry@eaststaff.org to obtain updated assurances or for more information.



  • Facilitator time sheet(s) that captures the date, time-in, time-out, total hours.
  • Student time sheet(s) (one per student) that captures the date, time-in, time-out, total hours.
  • Revised, official project timeline (start date, equipment order date, meeting dates, celebration dates, project end date, documentation end date, etc.).
  • Revised, official budget.
  • Proof of purchase for all budget items purchased with grant funds (Please note that copies of purchase orders are not sufficient. Please provide one of the following: copies of invoices, receipts, or checks written for purchases.).
  • Evidence of community outreach celebration and proof of presentation(s) (programs, photos, PPTs, media releases, etc.).
  • Evidence of media coverage throughout the project (print and/or online).
  • 5-10 digital photos focusing on student engagement, community interaction, & a group photo.
  • 1-3 minute video that captures: planning, project description, preparation, project in action, client and student reflections, as well as partner(s) and acknowledgement of EAST Beyond the Bell Grant funding.
  • Evidence that every press release includes, “This EAST Beyond the Bell project is funded by the EAST Initiative and is made possible by the Arkansas Department of Education.”



April 8, 2016

Grant Announcement

May 6, 2016

Grant Deadline (Proposal must be received before 5:00 p.m.)

May 27, 2016

Award Notification

School Proposed

Project Concludes (Project must be concluded in the Fall of 2016.)

School Proposed

Submission of Documentation (All documentation must be submitted no later than December 16, 2016.)


Proposal submission must include the following:

  1. Contact Information
  2. Grant Acknowledgement
  3. Proposal Abstract
  4. Timeline
  5. Budget


Proposals missing any one of the required items will not be considered for funding. Proposals must be received by mail or email before the 5 p.m., May 6, 2016, deadline. Late proposals will not be accepted.


Mail to:

EAST Initiative

Attn: EAST Beyond the Bell Grant Committee

6215 Ranch Drive

Little Rock, AR 72223


Email to:


Subject: EAST Beyond the Bell Grant Proposal for {School Name}


Contact Jerry Prince at 501.371.5046 or jerry@eaststaff.org  with questions or for more information.


Download RFP in Word format.

Download RFP in PDF format.

2016 EAST Beyond the Bell Grant


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