Submit Your Project

Once your project is underway, enter project information into the EAST Project Database. (When logged in as a facilitator, under the "Manage Projects" menu item, select "Submit a Project."  Follow the instructions and on step three to select "yes" under the service project drop-down).

To be displayed in the database as an official Emergency Planning and Preparedness project, ensure the project represents ALL of the EAST essentials:

  • Self-direction
  • Teamwork
  • Service
  • Technology

Why submit your project?

— To share and celebrate your accomplishments with other EAST programs.  

— To have your project displayed on this website. Only the projects fulfilling the above specifications will be highlighted included in the EAST Project Database. If your project is especially innovative or impressive, it may be showcased as a featured project on the NSP Emergency Planning and Preparedness website.

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